[FFmpeg-user] Using ffmpeg to blur moving objects

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Oct 31 12:22:16 EET 2016

Le decadi 10 brumaire, an CCXXV, Paul B Mahol a écrit :
> Short story: AFAIK it is not currently possible to track specific
> moving object with FFmpeg.

I think Boris already has the coordinates of the objects and only needs
a way to inject them in FFmpeg.

It seems boxblur can not change its coordinates on the fly. The best
course of action would be to implement process_command() for it, and it
would probably not be that hard.

Without changing the code, since crop and overlay support
process_command(), using them to isolate the part of the image to apply
boxblur seems a workable solution, and sendcmd can do that. We do not
have enough information to know why it failed.

(Please trim your quotes.)


  Nicolas George
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