[FFmpeg-user] Shrinking video files

Ron Sparks sanitychallngd at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 00:39:15 EEST 2017

On 04/03/2017 09:23 AM, Cecil Westerhof wrote:
> And if someone has tips about shooting the videos themselves, I do not
> mind to get them. Saturday was the first time I did this. It was not
> to bad, but there is room for improvement.

I've found when shooting a long event it's best to break it up into 
several shorter sections when shooting. If you pause/stop/start a new 
clip for each speaker, you can then process the smaller clips and tweak 
settings as needed then run them all in a batch file or individually to 
adjust for lighting, background noise, etc that may vary for each section.
When you have all the clips processed, then you can concatenate them 
together for the final video.

Another alternative is to consider using a Non Linear Video Editor like 
Cinelerra or Kdenlive with a GUI so you can see the results as you tweak 

I've used the above programs and methods for shooting family videos from 
the days when it was all on tape to now with tolerably good results.

Ron Sparks

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