[FFmpeg-user] Blocky flash video - how to fix

Joe Blo meridiangps1 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 13 16:53:53 EEST 2017

I have a flash1 video (Sorenson Spark) 15 frames / second. Its a video of a professor writing with chalk formulas onto a blackboard (green). Unfortunaly since the video exhibits blockiness it is impossiblle to read the formulas written to the blackboard (greenboard). Is there any chance to fix this imperfection with conversion, interpolation, sharpening, postprocessing in ffmepg/ffplay. I have used VLC to play the media. 
Interestingly comparable material (same flash1 but with 5 fps recorded)  displays very fine (readable formulas on blackboard(green)..  
Please help if you have any ideas what I could try to fix this problem

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