[FFmpeg-user] New FFmpeg Wrapper, Hammurabi II, released today

Gil Yoder gil.yoder at oabs.org
Mon Apr 17 01:00:01 EEST 2017

Some FFmpeg users may be interested to know of a new wrapper for FFmpeg.exe,
which I have released today.


Hammurabi II is designed primarily to make it easier to use FFmpeg to stream
live video to a media server. It's written mostly for Nginx, but it can work
with other media services.


If you would like more information about the program, please check it out on
GitHub at this address:




You will find information on the setup and operation of the program, as well
as some information on configuring Nginx to make use of the features of the
program. You can also download the latest release there, and get support if
something isn't clear in the documentation provided.


This is a free open source program, so there is no cost for using it.




Gil Yoder

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