[FFmpeg-user] Warning "Starting new cluster due to timestamp" on muxing two input streams and resulting movie with muted audio at some locations

Cley Faye cleyfaye at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 14:12:03 EEST 2017

2017-04-24 11:22 GMT+02:00 Georgi D. Sotirov <gdsotirov at dir.bg>:

> What is the general reason for warning "Starting new cluster due to
> timestamp" to appear anyway?

​I'm not sure of the exact cause of this warning by ffmpeg, but if the
actual message is to be trusted (usually it is), it could be an
inconsistency in timestamps. Clusters are kind of an MKV "unit" that
contain the actual audio/video data (the frames). If there is a hole in the
timestamps, or if they are out of order, the muxer might create a new
cluster to accomodate this.​
​Since it only happen on the audio, you might want to check that the audio
stream itself is well formed, and also check the output file with some
other player (try ffplay)​
​. Other than that, a greater ffmpeg "guru" will have to step in ;)​

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