[FFmpeg-user] a peer produced ffmpeg script as a piece of code poetry?

ibrahim ibrahim at httpdot.net
Wed Apr 26 16:29:52 EEST 2017

what we have not seen on tv as a kid: a peer produced ffmpeg script as a piece of code poetry?

i hope it is appropriate to send such a suggestion e-mail to the list. what i would like to suggest is that we write an ffmpeg script as a piece of free/libre code poetry that peers may also run to isolate and make visible what we have not seen on 4:3 tv sets in widescreen films because of the pan & scan broadcast practice. the frame is political in sense that what the author chooses to include and also to exclude in it. but what happens when a widescreen content is viewed in a 4:3 pan&scan format that excludes what is on both edges of the frame?

what i would also suggest is that we keep all previous replies to this thread including the discussions, codes, comments etc when we reply and add our credentials to the public domain dedication notice that we would keep at the bottom of this message to encourage other peers to appropriate and build on this. modifying the wording etc are also welcome.

i hope no peers would top-post and shall need to supply any complete, uncut, unscripted console output, using the latest githead:)

dedicated to the public domain by ibrahim, #you
on FFmpeg-user e-mail list in 2017 and hopefully the future contributions and the outcomes will be kept free/libre by other peers who run this beautiful script for the films of their choice.
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