[FFmpeg-user] RES: Memory usage growing when using ffmpeg. Is this expected?

Guilherme de Oliveira Costa guilherme.oliveira at autotrac.com.br
Fri Apr 28 18:13:15 EEST 2017


The issue is that the system was dedicated to recording the video. Usually the memory consumption baseline is around 8MB. Once there are other applications running, such a memory usage is troublesome.

As I said, this is an _embedded_ system. I was presented with these restraints, and I need to evaluate if it is possible to record videos within such restraints.

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Am 28.04.2017 um 16:52 schrieb Guilherme de Oliveira Costa:
> I am using ffmpeg record a video from a webcam, but the memory usage is very high, and keeps increasing with video length.

very high is relative

> For example, I use an embedded device with 64 MB of RAM, and when I recorded a 30 minute video, I was left with 2MB of RAM in the last minutes of the recording.

and it did not abort with a out-of-memory on a 64 MB device and so finished - what to complain then - memory is there to be used and 64 MB in 2017 i would not expect to run anything which does really some work

there are even not much systems booting with 64 MB todays when every clock has 1 GB or more

> I used valgrind to check for memory leaks, but I only found a 24 byte leak when the program finishes. Is this memory consumption expected for ffmpeg?

if there would be memory leaks you would end with OOM very large on such a device _______________________________________________
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