[FFmpeg-user] Convert a Camera source to an IP Camera signal

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Sun Apr 30 19:05:51 EEST 2017


I am using Wirecast Pro as a switcher for live streams. I have two cameras one is connected through a thunderbolt cable to the Wirecast machine but the second one I want to connect via WiFi. Therefore I try to stream it over IP to Wirecast. The second camera is connected to the second computer through a firewire cable and provides a HDV Mpeg2 stream. 
I tried sending the stream with rtmp but that means I have to transcode it 2 times and I am loosing to much quality.

Therefore I am looking for a way to stream it with RTSP or HTTP in Mpeg2 or Motion JPEG. The Wirecast Web Stream plugin accepts IP Cameras delivering in these format. 

But I can't figure out how to send the stream with ffmpeg that it will be recognised like an IP Camera from Wirecast.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,

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