[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg built static, yet "libopenjp2.so.7: cannot open shared object file"

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sun Aug 13 03:29:43 EEST 2017

Am 13.08.2017 um 02:23 schrieb Ted Lum:
> I'm sure there is only one copy of all the executables. They are 
> actually deployed to /root/bin so they're kept highly isolated from the 
> rest of the system. 
> So, we have:
> [root at san1srvp01 ~]# which ffmpeg
> /root/bin/ffmpeg

jesus christ don't run *especially* codec software as root - that's what 
/usr/local is for - let me guess - you fire also "make" as root?

and since making /root readable for others is also a terrible idea 
there's no business for /root/bin at all

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