[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg and VC++

Peadar Ó'Colmáin peadar.e.ocolmain at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 17:06:15 EET 2017

Hello all,

         Could anybody suggest a worked example in any kind of C that 
shows how to read the sound from a microphone and compress it in any 
format with ffmpeg Please ?

         I am working in Visual C++.

         I got it to compress and decompress video using Direct Show 
under Windows and I can pass the video through a holpunched UDP socket 
and show it on another computer ok.

         I am blue in the face trying to get this technology to work 
with sound and am coming to the conclusion that I am wasting my time.

         I have downloaded AACEncode and got that code to work perfectly 
but it is deprecated and will not process sound from a mike or file 
while listening for sound in another thread.

         I have downloaded a lot of other examples but none of them is 
any help.

         Xaudio2 is moretrouble than anything else. It won't run on any 
computer that I have. It has msvcrt.dll issues which seem unresolvable.

         I have downloaded Fabrice Ballard code and can't really get it 
to do anything.

         I can read a compacted file (like an mp3 music file), pass it 
through a socket and decompress and play that on another computer ok.

         I have downloaded "fister" which is up-to-date. I can send its 
sound through the holepunch uncompressed and it's fine but there's a 
delay cos there's no compression.

         The sound in fister has defied all attempts to compress it.

         other than AACEncode (obsolete) I have never found any code 
that can record from a micrphone and compress it in any form.

            Any suggestions will be gratefully received and if anything 
works I'll definitely post the results here and they'll be vital to 
anyone else who's stuck with the same problem.

         Thanks in advance

                     Peadar, Ireland, Monday, 4 Dec 2017

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