[FFmpeg-user] unable to play recorded HEVC/H.265 video, possible bug in ffmpeg muxer or demuxer?

Anton Sviridenko anton at corp.bluecherry.net
Mon Dec 4 20:09:12 EET 2017

As no one has answered my post in libav-user list


trying to get some help here.

Short description:
There is an IP camera from Dahua that can stream video encoded by HEVC.
I am able to view RTSP live stream using ffplay,
but when I record this video I am unable to playback it,

$ ffmpeg -i rtsp://admin:admin@\&subtype=1
-c copy -vbsf hevc_mp4toannexb ~/temp/testhevc.mkv

ffplay and all other ffmpeg-based players print same errors:

hevc: No start code is found.
hevc: Error splitting the input into NAL units.

All important info (ffmpeg version and output, sample video) is
available if you follow link above

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