[FFmpeg-user] Sending Patches to the Dev List

Jon bae jonbae77 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 10:08:27 EET 2017


on Monday I send a little patch for the *vf_blackdetect.c* filter to the
dev list, but I don't got any response. I don't wanted to sound impatient,
I just want to know that I did everything right.

One thing is to, that my patch is not shown here:
https://patchwork.ffmpeg.org/project/ffmpeg/list/ so I though maybe I did
something wrong.

For generating the patch I use *git format-patch, *send-mail is not working
on my computer, so I send the patch as an attachment.

I send the patch from gmail, is this a problem?

Is there something specific, I need to know about sending the patch per
mail? (yes I read the page step 6: Submitting patches).

This was the Mail:



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