[FFmpeg-user] Extraction of timebase/frame rate for timecodes of audio files

Robert Kr├╝ger krueger at lesspain.software
Tue Dec 12 15:02:06 EET 2017


is there a way to extract the information about the timebase of a timecode
in an audio file, like you can find in the wild e.g. in MXF or in Mov
files? I can see that ffmpeg apis and thus ffprobe expose the timecode as a
string-valued tag (e.g. TAG:timecode=00:00:00:00) but the information what
timebase the timecode uses, which IIRC is encoded in MXF or Mov is not
exposed or am I missing something? When the file contains a video stream a
workaround is to use the frame rate of the video stream to guess what the
timebase of the timecode probably is but for audio files I fail to see a
possibility to extract the correct timecode.

Is this a limitation or am I in fact missing something?



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