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George Andguladze gandguladze at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 12 16:17:29 EET 2017

Here is a screenshot of video settings for one of the cameras in the NVR. Other cameras use exactly the same settings except for the resolution.


Other details:

Hikvision NVR has a downloadable SDK (C++) on their website that demonstrates the use of their internal API.  One of the API methods is used for downloading video in MPEG-PS format by supplying start time and end time of the desired video chunk. The resulting video file has no audio when played in VLC, MPC-HC  and the timestamps are messed up. Hikvision also provides a FormatConverter software used to convert their
Video format to other common ones, but it was also unable to resolve my issue. I should also add that one of the members from ffmpeg's  IRC channel on freenode told me that removing first 40 bytes of the video file seemed to fix the timestamp in MPC-HC,  but not in VLC. However, ffmpeg is unable to convert such file to any other formats anymore and gives error complaining about video header missing (doh). First 4 bytes of these 40 read "IMKH" in ACII that I assume stand for some proprietary Hikvision format. That's all the relevant intel I have.

I have also posted a question on Stackoverflow and replied with an answer describing the steps I took to resolve my specific issue.

George A.

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> Video file itself:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ccptsuiqk2ntsv/1.zip

Thank you for the sample, I opened a ticket for the audio timestamp issue:

Does your camera provide different audio formats?
I believe some cameras support G.726, we still need such a sample though.

Carl Eugen
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