[FFmpeg-user] build error

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Dec 28 19:37:04 EET 2017

Am 28.12.2017 um 02:01 schrieb Jim Worrall:
> git clone https://git.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.git ffmpeg
> Then got in there and repeated the previous ./configure command.
> Then just ‘gmake'.
> Then 'gmake install’
> Everything completed no problem.
> Not sure what went wrong before, but thank you for the tip!

leftovers from previous actions
hence use packaging or at least a fresh buildroot every time

below an example how i build the php-cli alone on CentOS because i need 
7.1 for our letsencrypt stuff normally running on Fedora

[root at backup-hosting:~]$ cat /home/builduser/build-php-cli.sh
rm -rf /home/builduser/BUILDROOTS/php-$PHP_VERSION
tar xfJ /home/builduser/SOURCES/php-$PHP_VERSION.tar.xz -C 
cd /home/builduser/BUILDROOTS/php-$PHP_VERSION

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