[FFmpeg-user] Float formatting in drawtext

Wolfgang Hugemann Auto at Hugemann.de
Fri Feb 3 17:31:33 EET 2017

I have just had a look at the solution via subtitles:

* It works and the SRT format is simple enough to be written by a script.

* SRT subtitles are written time-based and not frame-based, which takes 
some calculations, starting the subtitles shortly before the frame and 
ending it within the frame.

* This does not seem to work at the start of the video (frames 1, 2).

* I seem to have no influence on where the subtitle is placed. It 
appears at the middle of the bottom.


The drawtext filter has an option to read text from a file, but I guess 
this cannot easily be used to read lines on a per-frame basis (?).

Wolfgang Hugemann

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