[FFmpeg-user] EVS compatible AVC Intra 100

Victor Diez victor at diez.online
Thu Feb 2 17:46:40 EET 2017

Hello all,

I finally solved this issue. First, the codec id is properly set when passing the arguments to ffmpeg directly instead of to lib264 using -x264opts.

ffmpeg10bit -i source.mxf -coder 0 -map 0 -c:v libx264 -r 25 -g 1 -pix_fmt yuv422p10le -vb 100M -flags +ildct+ilme -tune psnr -color_range 2 -top 1 -avcintra-class 100 -color_primaries bt709 -color_trc bt709 -colorspace bt709 -vtag ai12 -c:a copy tmp.mxf

That generates a mxf which seems to be correct with most software but I contacted EVS and the problem is they require an mxf with just one body partition in order to work. So, using bmx:

bmxtranswrap --ps-avcihead --min-part -o target.avci100.mxf tmp.mxf

With that, EVS finally accepted the file.



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Am Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2017 schrieb Victor Diez :

> Thanks for the answers.
> I didn't paste the output because I did not get any error. I already
> checked with EVS and just wanted to make sure I got the "standard"AVC Intra
> 100 parameters right and that I was not making any mistake before getting
> back to them.
> Erik, the mxf was one of my suspicions as well, that's why I rewrapped the
> file with bmxtranswrap so I could get v1.3 instead of 1.2.
> This is the output I'm getting, all seems ok to me.
> In principle if you guys can confirm me that nothing looks weird in my
> command line for an AVC Intra 100 transcode that would be great so I can
> check back with EVS more confidently :)
> Thanks,
> Victor
Unfortunately I can't tell you if everything is okay because I have too
little experience with transcoding to AVC-Intra. The variable framerate
(bit being set) does seem an issue to me, I remember when doing something
similar with XDCAM HD422 this was source of trouble.
The bulletproof test of transcoding results is when you can put the result
on an original medium (Pana P2 in your case) an play it back without issue
from a standard player (or camera).

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