[FFmpeg-user] For single images, could use a generic ASCII order

Alan Corey alan01346 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 01:09:48 EET 2017

If you're trying to make an animation by combining individual frame
images, there's the %03d approach and the glob approach, but even the
glob approach seems to look for a numerical sequence in the file
names.  If that sequence is discontinuous it breaks the importing.  If
there's more than 1 number in the file names only the last one can
have the %03d.   Having something that will just accept the files in
the order they ASCII sort in would be good.

I ran into this before too, this time I've got a bunch of files I
split out of animated GIFs with Gifsicle that I want to put into an
animation.  Not every possible number is present, that seems to cause
a problem.  My only option is to rename all the files to feed ffmpeg
an unbroken sequence.

This kind of sequence doesn't work:

  Alan Corey

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