[FFmpeg-user] Is FATE testing video encoders?

Radhakrishnan Venugopal Rajaganesan radhakrishnan at multicorewareinc.com
Tue Feb 21 15:31:19 EET 2017

I have a doubt regarding ffmpeg FATE. I have downloaded the fate sample
suite. Inside the sample suite i found only .bit files inside the
hevc-conformance/ folder.
 I checked the hevc.mak file inside tests/fate/ directory. Here, it is
checking only hevc decoder. It is decoding the .bit samples files and
calculating crc. Below is a command line in hevc.mak file:

fate-hevc-conformance-$(1): CMD = framecrc -flags unaligned -vsync drop -i

The same case with h264.mak file. Here also only decoder part is tested.
why FATE is checking only hevc decoder? . Or in any other place is it
checking video encoders?
Is FATE checking external libraries like x264 or x265?


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