[FFmpeg-user] movement on ffmpeg .R3D v4 support?

Rob Wentz rwentz at pedersen.com
Fri Feb 24 21:44:37 EET 2017

I work in video post production, our DPs all shoot on Red cameras. . . it's become the norm that if stuff is coming in shot on anything larger than 2K it's shot on a Red camera and the footage is in .R3D. 

I was hoping to be able to get somewhere with using ffmpeg to create proxies of .R3Ds before archiving them to LTO using Archiware P5 Archive. 
The feature works wonders for allowing us to generate scrubbable proxies of archived .mov, mp4, etc video fileswho's full res files live on LTO5 - but we currently can not use ffmpeg on the current (v4) R3D format (Red Camera). 
We shoot on Red Weapon and raster sizes are getting HUGE with the advent of uHD and 720/VR. It is not practical to cast a wide blind net of footage to unarchive as this material takes up so much space and takes considerable time to unarchive. 

Most recent tracks of any movement on this topic I found have been silent for a while: 

I'm curious where things are at in terms of .R3D v4 support for ffmpeg. 

Thank you!

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