[FFmpeg-user] movement on ffmpeg .R3D v4 support?

Rob Wentz rwentz at pedersen.com
Fri Feb 24 23:13:32 EET 2017

>> I'm curious where things are at in terms of .R3D v4 support for ffmpeg.
> We need more samples.
> I'm happy to provide! Specifically what are you looking for? we have 2
> weapons and 2 epics.

Whatever you wanted supported in ffmpeg, we need each sample that adds new
features. If you have specification even better.

You bet. 

We have some test files laying around on our SAN which I'll provide first, 

username: ffmpeg-user
password: r3d

For now, I've posted several Helium footage samples from red user and several RED WEAPON samples shots we took. 

first four RED HELIUM shots (C001-C004) are 
6144x3160 @ 25 fps REDCODE 5:1, No HDR

last two RED HELIUM shots (C012-C013) are 

6144x2592 @ 25 fps REDCODE 5:1, No HDR

RED WEAPON shots are all
6144x3160 @ 23.976 fps REDCODE 4:1, No HDR

I just asked our camera dept to put together a few more small test sample files for you with specs for each. He'll be posting them up to this same location... 

Cheers, Thank you so much!, 

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