[FFmpeg-user] Possible bug in TEE muxer.

Alex Molon alex.molon at vision247.com
Fri Jul 14 12:33:08 EEST 2017

Hi All,

I was playing around with the tee muxer and I wasn't able to do something, but I actually don't know if it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong.
Apparently the muxer is handling umproperly the " : " character. 

Basically, if I launch ffmpeg in this way:

# ffmpeg -i input -f hls -hls_segment_filename ssh://user:password@host/path/filename-%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S ssh://user:password@host/path/filename.m3u8

everything works as expected. Both playlist and chunks are correctly sent to the ssh server and saved regularly.

If I launch ffmpeg in this way:

# ffmpeg -i input -f tee [f=whatever]|[f=hls:use_localtime=1:hls_segment_filename=ssh\://user\:password at host/path/filename-%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S]ssh://user:password@host/path/filename.m3u8

the playlist is correctly sent to the SSH server, but the chunks are not saved.

I also tried to remove the backslashes before the : but nothing happened.

I found the same behaviour in different versions of ffmpeg.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Alex Molon

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