[FFmpeg-user] Converting mkv to mp3 failures

桃源老師 xanadu6291 at dream.jp
Sun Jul 16 06:26:47 EEST 2017

Hello JD-san,

> 2017/07/16 午前11:56、JD <jd1008 at gmail.com>のメール:
> On 07/14/2017 09:05 PM, 桃源老師 wrote:
>> $ youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3 https://youtu.be/AlXvPoCVtVA
>> Above youtube video is consists of mp4 video and webm audio.

> Unfortunately, it does not allow you to set the bitrate.
> Downloading one video using this method, ended up
> creating an mp3 file with only bitrate: 74 kb/s

Well, with my understanding, youtube-dl just downloads video/audio from YouTube.  
It does not do anything about transcoding…

So my guess about 74kb/s downloaded audio is really have 74kb/s on YouTube...

With my experience, YouTube is not so good quality with audio.  Almost all of files from YouTube I have downloaded are up to 128kb/s in best case...

> I do not want to start a flame war re: bitrates - so please: flames off  :) :)

Do you mean that you don’t want to talk like above comment?

If so, sorry for that.  I’m not good in English...

I just want to say if the quality of audio/video are limited, you may not get better quality audio/video than original…

Best Regards,

// Miya aka Tougenroushi

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