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ILJA SHEBALIN iljashebalin2 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 16:45:39 EEST 2017

Anatoly, thanks for such an informative response. It looks like its tougher than I thought with all this compiling and alike. I think I forgot to mention that I wanted something as online independent as .docset. One more question: when I type "ffmpeg --help" (with a bunch of options) I see some help info as to output of every option supplied to ffmpeg. Does that make for a perfect equivalent of "man" pages?
18.07.2017, в 3:32, Anatoly написал(а):

> On Tue, 18 Jul 2017 00:32:14 +0300
> ILJA SHEBALIN <iljashebalin2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks, I'll consider moving to Macports. I just wanted to know what
>> is that
> It must be source code, almost program(s) texts written in C programming
> language.
>> and how is that different from three binaries for OS X that I
>> had downloaded before?
> We compile it using C compiler and we'll get those binaries. Actually,
> not only compiler involved, but set of tools, and we'll get some extra
> resorces (man pages e.t.c). Whole process is called build process.
>> What advantage does the bundle have over bare bone binary
>> executables (UNIX execs in this case)?
> Source code is OS/architecture independent.
> I can choose which features to include (maybe I need xv output in
> ffmgeg, maybe I don't need VP8 at all?).
> Somtimes it's possible to optimize some things for CPU I have.
> If I'm C programmer, I can enhance/fix something I need.
>> Do they enhance my experience
>> supplementing basic features with extra ones?
> They can. But for that you need to know exactly that you want.
> Generally, to build you need C toolchain (set of tools, Xcode in case
> of MacOSX). Then you may run script that is in the base directory of
> that you extracted:
> ./confugure --help
> it will present you with list of options you may tweak. Some you use to
> enhance, but setting right values to other may be necessary (for ex.
> path to MANDIR differs in linuxes and BSD).
> Then you do ./configure <your options> (this generate Makefile). Then
> make (this start build process). Then make install.
> mac ports is a thing that can do it all and more automatically for you.
> But if reading man pages is just all you need, then take a look at 
> http://ffmpeg.org/documentation.html. I see blocks "Command Line Tools"
> and "Components" are same as man pages.
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