[FFmpeg-user] man ffmpeg absent

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Tue Jul 18 18:13:40 EEST 2017

I can't quite believe that I'm a published writer, being lectured on use of my native language by a non-native speaker.
You guys really are a fucking joke, you know that.

      From: Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net>
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Am 18.07.2017 um 16:57 schrieb Nicolas George:
> Le decadi 30 messidor, an CCXXV, Cley Faye a écrit :
>> I don't think it was meant as an insult
> It was probably. This guy has been for years insulting the people who
> make, gratis, the software he uses. Just ignore him.
>>                       (like amateurish)
> Professionals: persons who do the job just well enough so they can bill
> you, and then call bug fixes "enhancements" and bill you again for them.


> Amateurs: persons who do what they like ("amo, amas, amat", Latin for
> "to love) and like what they do, and do the job as well as they can for
> the satisfaction of it

it's insulting that you think developers doing software development as 
day job don't do the same - in my world "professional" says something 
about quality and software design and "amateur" is a script kiddie 
writing throw away code
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