[FFmpeg-user] hoping for help developing a process

d swartz at dsg-inc.com
Tue Jul 25 00:34:41 EEST 2017

so i've recently received a few corrupted videos that i'm trying to help 
some friends recover.

the videos are encoded in ProRes 422 and encapsulated in .mov

these videos have anywhere from a few to many damaged frames. some 
damaged frames simply have a few small colored blocks, and others have 
huge horizontal tears. when played in VLC, it shows the problematic 
frames as duplicates of the last good frame, which is why i turned to 
ffmpeg in the hope that it might allow me to script a conversion that 
would allow them to be watchable, even if not perfectly.

i can't seem to figure out which options under ffmpeg would allow me to 
replicate that functionality of vlc. it would also be wonderful if there 
were a way to log all of the places where there were problems, as i do 
have access to adobe premier and could then use that to 'morph cut' and 
give a better final result. better than that would be a filter that 
would allow me to morph from last good frame to next good frame over an 
equivalent count of the damaged frames.

many thanks to the experts out there for your help in advance


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