[FFmpeg-user] h264 mkvs fail on TV/gigablue after conversion

Frank Steiner fsteiner-mail1 at bio.ifi.lmu.de
Tue Jul 25 09:51:21 EEST 2017

Moritz Barsnick wrote

> This is it. Your working input video is profile High, level 4.1. ffmpeg
> is choosing profile High, level 5.1.[*] It is a choice implied by the
> "veryslow" preset, but you can override it specifically by adding
>   "-profile high -level 4.1"
> (or whatever your hardware player at max supports) to your ffmpeg
> command line, while keeping the preset.
> This is my best guess... Something worth trying.

And that was the solution indeed! Reconverting the non-working movies
with "-profile high -level 4.1" makes them play on the TV/Gigablue box.

Thank you very very much :-)

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