[FFmpeg-user] Libraries missing?

Reto Kromer lists at reto.ch
Sun Jul 30 16:41:05 EEST 2017

Reindl Harald wrote:

>no *enduser* right in his mind don't use the
>development master of *any* software - period


I already stressed out in the past the importance of the
releases for the end user community. Many audio-visual archives
do actually use - and keep up to date - FFmpeg via Homebrew or
Linuxbrew, and this is indeed an excellent solution for them!
Next year at least FIAF (the International Federation of Film
Archives) and SEAPAVAA (the SouthEast Asia-Pacific AudioVisual
Archive Association) will offer a platform to open source at
their annual conferences in Prague respectively in Salaya (near
Bangkok). In 2019 the JTS (the Joint Technical Symposium) could
also focus on open source.

Best regards, Reto

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