[FFmpeg-user] Screen Capture - Windows 10 - making progress

Ron Barnes rbarnes at njdevils.net
Fri Jun 2 18:06:32 EEST 2017

Hi All,

Ok I have made some progress.  

First... I can now capture the Video
Unfortunately I cannot format the command correctly to capture the audio from my speakers.  I know there is a way to do it in one command, I just keep running into walls.  I was able to capture both audio and video before but butchering those commands with the command below is not working.  Would anyone be able to alter my FFmpeg command to capture the tab video AND the audio together.

My Audio when listed in ffmpeg devices is "Stereo Mix (Realtek High Definition Audio)"

Second... The captured video seems to be the full browser including the headers, not just the video inside the TAB.  Would anyone know of a way to just capture the video inside the TAB?

Here is where I'm at now.....

This will get the TAB Name for the command.  
Make the TAB the Focus then Open a command prompt and type 

"tasklist /v /fi "imagename eq firefox.exe" /fo list | findstr  Window"

This FFmpeg command will capture the video from the TAB (Must Have Focus) in Firefox.

ffmpeg -rtbufsize 2000M -f gdigrab -probesize 50M -vsync passthrough -frame_drop_threshold 4 -i title="Fox News - Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos & News Videos - Mozilla Firefox" -vf "scale=trunc(iw/2)*2:trunc(ih/2)*2" -pix_fmt yuv420p tabgrab.mp4

Any help would be great!


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On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 2:19 PM, Ron Barnes <rbarnes at njdevils.net> wrote:
> I was able to install the screen capture recorder and still no joy.  How do the commercial vendors do it?

Have you tried capturing with OBS?  (https://obsproject.com/)

You'll have better luck with it.  If you want to know how they do it you can take a look at their source code.  IIRC they actually inject a dll into the app being captured and register a callback to intercept something (maybe a buffer flip... I don't know exactly).  Although, with DRM even that method may not work.

Telestream Wirecast is similar to OBS, in case you want a commercial solution.

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