[FFmpeg-user] Create an AAC stream matching the Core Media Audio packet format / priming etc?

Mark Burton mwjburton at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 11:44:47 EEST 2017

I appreciate I don't fully grasp the complexities or know the full story here, but do you not think its fair to say this should be considered a major ffmpeg bug or issue? It seems clear to me, and others, that the current .mov muxer produces a file which is incompatible with Quicktime itself. AAC priming in this container does not follow as advised and that appears to be the main reason its breaks when decoded.

Going back to changing the file manually (after using aresample and asetpts filters), I can get a file which decodes perfectly in Quicktime and VLC by just changing the single value for duration in the sound edit list to match the video track duration:

trak - Track
	edts - Edits
		elst - Edit List
			'segment duration’

This file also imports perfectly into Avid Media Composer, a first. The movie header still shows an overlong duration, but that does not appear to affect playback. Its really just a hack though.

Surely it would be preferable to have a permanent solution to this which did not require the use of multiple audio filters and manual hacks to produce a working file with AAC for Quicktime.

Many thanks for your patience with this, I know I’ve been banging on this door for a few months, so I apologise for clogging up your inboxes. Its not my intention to be accusatory, I’m genuinely trying to help improve the tool as best I can. A re-engagement from the experts here would be hugely appreciated and I will do all I can to help.


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