[FFmpeg-user] FFplay - Audio bars on video

Manmathan kottaram.manoj at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 09:39:45 EEST 2017

Hello Everyone.
We need to monitor audio (vertical bar-graph) over video of* live *stream. 
Audio is able to monitor separately with ffplay :
ffplay -f lavfi "amovie=in.mp4, asplit [a][out1]; [a] 
showfreqs=mode=line:fscale=log [out0]"

Audio over video is possible with ffmpeg on recorded
ffmpeg -i inputfile_or_stream -filter_complex "[0:a]asplit[a][aout];
[a]showvolume=o=v[bars]; [0:v][bars]overlay=x=main_w-overlay_w:y=0[vout]"
-map "[vout]" -map "[aout]" output.mp4 

Please guide how to do this with* ffplay* or live viewing on ffmpeg or pipe
out of the above to vlc.

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