[FFmpeg-user] Seeking for a method to remove sections of a video

James Girotti james.girotti at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 23:56:27 EEST 2017

> > I ultimately run avidemux as a frontend to ffmpeg. I have avidemux save
> > (copy video and audio) to a FIFO which is then the input for my ffmpeg
> > command. From my limited testing that way supports multiple audio tracks.
> > It's not a perfect setup because you have to end cuts on key-frames, not
> > usually a problem for me though (you can start your cut wherever). Also,
> > you can see the PTS for a given frame in avidemux. So in the rare-case I
> > can manually tell ffmpeg where to cut a given segment. Generally, this is
> > the workflow I use.
> This is basically telling avidemux to do a copy of video and audio and
> cutting at start/end points. At least on avidemux 2 it asks what audio
> track to use, and totally ignores other tracks.
And avidemux 3 wants the other audio tracks to be fed from external files.

 From my testing avidemux(v2.6.8) will copy all tracks. No need to select
which to copy. Then you can let ffmpeg deal with which tracks to
transcode/keep, etc. Also, I might have forgotten to mention that I have
avidemux set to use MKV muxer for output.

Another point, avidemux only can use two cut points, one at the start,
> one at the end, so no, it can't be used.

To clarify: with avidemux you can only setup one cut at a time (starting
and ending points). Once you have the region selected, you can just delete
it, then mark the next region you want to delete/remove, repeat. The
interface is a little clunky, but this way you could cut out multiple
sections from one file.

> > Good luck and let us know what you decide to use.
> Well, so far, nothing.
> I have to leave the original recordings untouched for years till I find
> a solution.

Just to throw another one in the mix: comskip (http://www.kaashoek.com/comsk
ip/). I have been playing around with it. There is a SDL GUI that you can
review/adjust the results with after analysis. In the GUI, you can step
forward and back by single-frames. It supports different output formats
including EDL and XML. Major down-side is that I have not figured out how
to stop comskip from analyzing my file first (even telling it not to use
any detection methods).

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