[FFmpeg-user] Conversion wav -> mp3 -> wav

Maik Waschfeld Maik.Waschfeld at Maik-Waschfeld.de
Sat Jun 24 03:38:39 EEST 2017

Hi Rodolfo,

> but all happens is that they play together now…  

For now.

> On the first of the two, I applied the `invert’ effect.

Are you sure?

> Where’s the comparison…?

That’s what you hear!
If you play two exact files „in sync“, and one of them is inverted, you should hear … nothing.

Try with two instances of the same file, not one wav-mp3-wav and the other one wav.

The process in detail:
- select one file in the Finder
- right click and „Open with“ Audacity
- select the imported file in Audacity; be sure, that the hole file is selected and stays selected for the next step!
- >Effects>Inverted (my version is german, so it could be named otherwise in english)
- >Import>Sound and select the exact same file, you used on „Open with“
- Play.
- If you hear nothing, then the process is correct. If you hear anything but silence, then one of your steps was not correct.
- If you select „Solo“ on one of the tracks, the other track gets muted and you can toggle between „the difference“ and the „Solo-ed track.

With kindest regards…
…Maik Waschfeld

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