[FFmpeg-user] Streaming Syntax error

Mettavihari D tv.lists at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 03:09:46 EEST 2017


I run a server that is streaming out to a website on the Net
I use the following command which is working.
/root/bin/ffmpeg -re -i /data/video/sinhala/innput-15m.mp4 -acodec
copy -vcodec copy -f flv -metadata streamName=xlarge

My client is complaining that the bit rate is varying too much and
they want the bit-rate never to exceed 2m.
They would also prefer if I can send them a constant bit rate.

I looked at the Net and found the suggestion to use "-maxrate 1.5M
-bufsize 3M" ,

I tried the following:
/root/bin/ffmpeg -re -i /data/video/sinhala/innput-15m.mp4 -acodec
copy -vcodec copy -maxrate 1.5M -bufsize 3M -f flv -metadata
streamName=xlarge rtmp://some.site.com.

but I get this error:  Systax error.

I do not know what the syntax error can be and would much appreciate
to have a word of advice.


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