[FFmpeg-user] Why is concat so slow on a powerful machine?

Erik Dobberkau erik.dobberkau at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 13:59:26 EEST 2017

> a thread where half of people reply on top and half at bottom becomes
> completly unreadable and impossible to follow after 3-5 messages and "is
> there some way via email I can make it not top post" shows lacking of basic
> operations on a computer while even a 6 years old child is able to use
> cursor keys, select and cut these days

While the first assumption (ending at the third "and") is true IMHO, the
second one is (IMHO) only partially correct because it omits the fact users
haven't been instructed on the etiquette and requirements regarding the
formatting of email being sent to this list ("please provide command line
and full uncut console output", answer in context below the specific
statement you are referring to, shorten previously sent/received text to
maintain context but remove "clutter" and footer), which could (and should)
be addressed by providing these respective instructions (preferably more
detailed) on the mailman/listinfo page(s) -- that way in case of flaws
there is somewhere to point people to, even if they have used a different
"entrance" (advisory link could be placed in the footer).
This will most certainly not make the annoyance go away entirely, but it
might reduce the count quite a bit, wouldn't it?

Best regards,

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