[FFmpeg-user] QSV Hevc to HLS not segmenting?

Markku Vainio Markku.Vainio at craft.fi
Tue Oct 31 12:37:31 EET 2017

>> https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-media-sdk/topic/746642
>> https://github.com/libav/libav/commit/98afe3fb71afd4a18009924aaba56bc
>> 577bbd400.patch
> Will you send this patch to the development mailing list?

i've send a patch some month ago, maybe Mark have some better way to fix it, so..... Markku can test on newest version.

> Please cut your quotes, Carl Eugen


I tested this one (manually edited qsvenc_hevc.c) from Intel site since it makes HEVC_QSV IDR placement uniform with other hevc encoders and doesn’t require user input.

Works like a charm for me on Intel Skull Canyon with Centos 7


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