[FFmpeg-user] Dolby E decoder

Frédéric Busnel-Joncour fred.bj at free.fr
Thu Sep 7 16:20:14 EEST 2017

Hi there,

First question here !
I've seen that a Dolby E decoder has been added to the last release of libavcodec.

I'm sometimes delivered of stereo 24bit/48Khz wav file that are Dolby E encoded streams.
Is there a way to tell ffplay to play it as Dolby E and decode it ? By default it plays it as a standard PCM wav files.

Sometimes, Dolby E streams are also wrapped into video files, and most of times splitted into two mono audio streams. Is there a way, without any rewrap, to play and decode it through ffplay ? (select both streams > "merge" as a Dolby E stream > decode)

And one last question, is it possible to wrap Dolby-E stream in mov or mxf container using ffmpeg without altering it in any way ?

Best regards,


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