[FFmpeg-user] DNXHR444 and 12 bits encoding support

Richard Van Den Boom rvdb at cryptolab.net
Tue Sep 12 11:56:17 EEST 2017

I'm interested in creating masters of short films using DNXHR444 
According to the DNXHR specs :


DNXHR444 should be using 12bits color depth.
However DNXHR encoding support in ffmpeg seems to be limited to 10bits 
(as DNXHD). When requesting yuv444p12le or yuv444p12be, ffmpeg tells me 
the pixel format is invalid and uses yuv444p10le.
I'm not 100% sure the usual video software in the market like Avid or 
Premiere will support DNXHR444 in 10bits and I would prefer having the 
maximum depth as possible (I use 16bits sources).
I saw that 12bits DNXHR444 decoding was supported.
Is there a way to force 12 bits depth with DNXHR encoding? If not, is 
there any plan to support it?
Richard Van Den Boom

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