[FFmpeg-user] configuration error when cross compile ffmpeg for arm

云雀 645924656 at qq.com
Wed Sep 20 11:38:55 EEST 2017


Hope this mail found you well!

I planed to cross compiling C++ program from my PC(Ubuntu 64 bits) to Inforce 6540(32 bits Ubuntu 14.10 armV7); this program used openCV library,in order to finish this job, i need cross compiling dependency library of openCV first, ffmpeg is one of them, after cross compiling libjpeg,libpng,yasm,libx264,libxvid, i can not pass cross compiling of ffmpeg, configure program showing error: libx264 not found; config.log show as below showing(enclosure is config log file):
/lib/libx264.so: file not recognized: File format not recognized

I can not find solution from internet network, so i send this email, appreciate any advise.

Best regards,

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