[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg tricks, timestamp-counter, slow motion, action camera

Joel Roth joelz at pobox.com
Mon Aug 6 10:45:59 EEST 2018

Morten W. Petersen wrote:
>...are there any front-ends to
> ffmpeg that would make it easier (not a lot of repetitive commands or
> waiting for the application to process them) to go through large amounts of
> video and easily copy/cut segments and then discard the rest?

Hi Morten,

I was interested in something similar, and wrote a utility
to trim, compress and rename video files in a directory.
It can trim segments out of one or source files.

It looks for a file CONTENTS with lines such as this:

# source files                     output filename    start time    end time
# ---------------                  ---------------    ----------    --------
  00000.MTS 00001.MTS 00002.MTS :  20180218-1 :        0    :       15:30

So you have to use another program to play the source files and note the cut
points in a text file. Then your run the script, fix the errors, run it again,
and come back later check the results.  Not sure if that suits your definition
of "easily"... 

Here is the help page.

fftrim [-mn] [long options...]
        --source-dir STR  video sources directory
        --target-dir STR  target directory for completed files
        -n                simulate: show output commands but do not run them
        -m                simulate: show output commands omitting file checks

I will post/github code if there is interest.


Joel Roth

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