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> Hi all,
> Every movie DVD I watch on my computer is zoomed in when compared to
> the version I see at movie theaters.
> So, I ask: are there movie versions on DVD, which are not zoomed in?
> This is very relevant today, since I can connect the computer to the external
> TV which is a 4K and 80 inch diagonal - which is plenty of room to show the
> original movie, un-zoomed-in.
> Thanx for any info on this.

If the amount of DVD content cropping you see is limited, it could be accounted for by TV display standards (including for DVD sources) making provision for overscan (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overscan).

The signal path from the DVD player to the TV/monitor will determine whether overscan is in operation or not. Over-simplifying somewhat, overscan will be active when your TV is used as a TV and not as a computer monitor.

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