[FFmpeg-user] Metadata

Andreas Lenhardt andi.lenhardt at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 16 18:05:13 EEST 2018

I would like to convert my YouTube videos to .flac and take the metadata
with me. For the conversion I use a batch script with the following command:
ffmpeg -i "%%f" -ab 320k -map_metadata:g:0 0:s:0
However, I don't manage to edit all kinds of files like this (probably due
to the fact that I don't really understand the mechanism of the
map_metadata function and its papameters).
Either the metadata of .m4a files or from the others is missing. I think
it's the g (global) and s (stream) parameters. How can I fix this?
The goal is to convert all files with different file extenions to .flac and
keep the matadata.
For downloading I use youtube-dl.exe -x --add-metadata --no-mtime -o


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