[FFmpeg-user] How to decode an HEVC content with Hardware video decoder using FFmpeg

Mohammed Bey Ahmed Khernache mohbeyinfo at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 17:50:05 EEST 2018

Thank you.
I tried again. I used the option "--list-hwaccels" to get the list of
hardware decoders that FFmpeg can support.
I tried some of them, but I still get "Enabled hwaccels:" line empty.
This is the command line I have used:
 --sysroot=/root/arm64-toolchains-r14b/sysroot/ --arch=arm64
--target-os=android  --enable-gpl  --disable-shared --enable-static
--enable-hwaccel=hevc_vaapi --enable-hwaccel=hevc_vdpau    --enable-neon

Best regards

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