[FFmpeg-user] Can I get some help converting .sec files?

LH drivebee at pm.me
Sun Aug 26 00:11:19 EEST 2018

Hi, I have a Samsung security system which saves video in the .sec format
which no other app can play. The Samsung SmartViewer app has developed
issues and is no longer updated/supported so, as a result, I cannot play
saved .sec files with it, either. So- I can save video but there is no way
to watch it. However, I can convert these .sec files to mp4 with ffmpeg,
using this command:

ffmpeg -i (name of file).sec (name of final file).mp4

It throws errors such as:

[h264 @ 000000000057fb00] Invalid NAL unit 8, skipping.
[libx264 @ 0000000000516800] frame= 176 QP=25.50 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:352 I:3   
P:485  SKIP:821  size=1220 bytes

but it still works well enough that I can watch the video with any app that
plays mp4. However, the video is sped up quite a bit so that it appears to
be in fast motion. I suppose it's the Samsung app that is doing this but
since I can't watch it until I convert it, I don't know for sure. I figured
out that it is about 3.3 times faster. I can convert the video and also slow
it down to normal speed with the command:

ffmpeg -i (name of file).sec -filter:v "setpts=3.3*PTS"  (name of final

but the video loses quality and horizontal lines appear in it.

Is there a better command for converting .sec to .mp4 while correcting the
speed and preserving the quality? I don't have the skills to understand the
ffmpeg documentation and how to choose the best command for my purposes,
it's way over my head, but I can copy commands someone gives me and use

I realize there won't be a perfect way to do this but I'd like to get the
best results possible.

I am using ffmpeg-20180824-4d87cd2-win64-static with Windows 7.

I hope I am posting this correctly and if not please let me know.

Thank you, LH

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