[FFmpeg-user] iOS/watchOS/tvOS/macOS Frameworks

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 06:26:24 EET 2018

> On Dec 19, 2018, at 13:50, Ronak <ronak2121-at-yahoo.com at ffmpeg.org> wrote:
> I have a Player framework (.framework) that uses Ffmpeg to equalize audio using the equalizer, bass & treble filters (so I'm using avfilter and avutil).
> I need to embed this Player Framework into my app that I can submit to the App Store.

I’m confused, are you trying to create a framework that uses ffmpeg, or build the libraries you need into a framework to use in development of an app to distribute through the App Store?

I was also under the impression that LGPL was largely incompatible with the developer program agreements.

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