[FFmpeg-user] Conversion error with aac files

Mark Van Peteghem Mark.Van.Peteghem at telenet.be
Sun Dec 23 15:12:03 EET 2018

On 23/12/2018 12:56, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Am 23.12.2018 um 11:10 schrieb Mark Van Peteghem 
> <Mark.Van.Peteghem at telenet.be>:
>> Should I deliver some of these files as an attachment or in another way?
> Please provide one or two non-silent sample files, use a file hoster of your choice that does not need a login or attach them if small enough.

I've uploaded three files. One gives the error "Error decoding AAC frame 
header", the other two the error "decoding for stream 0 failed" but one 
of hem with the additional error "More than one AAC RDB per ADTS frame 
is not implemented."

users.telenet.be/Mark.Van.Peteghem/Absolute Jest - V Vi Vivacissimo 

users.telenet.be/Mark.Van.Peteghem/Alto Consilio (Conductus) - Schola 
Cantorum Basiliensis.aac

users.telenet.be/Mark.Van.Peteghem/Toccata E Fuga (Bwv 565).aac

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