[FFmpeg-user] how can I figure out if a media file is good or if there are any errors ?

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Mon Dec 31 21:47:35 EET 2018

On Mon, Dec 31, 2018 at 07:15:21 +0000, shirish शिरीष wrote:
> I was looking for how to figure out if the media file is good and if
> there are any errors in the file . Came across

The file you were referring to in your previous thread had problems
with ffplay, right? Did it show those "error while seeking" issues
while you were actually seeking?

In my experience, there can be files which decode just fine straight
through, but expose issues while seeking, for reasons not known to me.

So while your file decodes fine with ffmpeg:

> ~/Videos$ ffmpeg -v error -i Bandit\ Bashing\ –\ Kenshi\ Gameplay\ –\
> Let\'s\ Play\ Part\ 2-9Jomgc8Ui0E.mp4 -f null - 2>error.log
> ~/Videos$ cat error.log
> ~/Videos$

it may show trouble when trying to just back and forward.

Just my experience, nothing I can help you with.


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