[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg -f concat from standard input instead of a file

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at decebal.nl
Sun Jul 1 20:12:10 EEST 2018

The following works without a problem:
    ffmpeg -f concat -i educational.txt -c copy educationalComplete.mov

The file educational text contains:
    file educational01.mov
    file educational02.mov

And with this the complete video is Generated in about 5 seconds.

But I would prefer not to the .txt file. So I tried:
    echo -e "file educational.mov\nfile educational02.mov" | ffmpeg -f concat -i - -c copy educationalComplete.mov

But this results in:
    [file @ 0x556c69d91920] Protocol not on whitelist 'crypto'!
    [concat @ 0x556c69d90e40] Impossible to open 'educational.mov'
    pipe:: Invalid argument

Why is this? Can it be circumvented?

Cecil Westerhof
Senior Software Engineer
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/cecilwesterhof

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