[FFmpeg-user] How to build ffmpeg/x264/x265/fdkaac into one single ffmpeg file?

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 01:24:53 EEST 2018

2018-07-02 20:08 GMT+02:00, qw <applemax82 at 163.com>:

> I have one question about building ffmpeg.
> How to build ffmpeg/x264/x265/fdkaac and other external
> libraries into one single ffmpeg file in linux?

Not sure what exactly "one single ffmpeg file" means here
but the musl toolchain allows you to create true static
binaries, note that musl x86 is not supported by FFmpeg,
musl x86_64 is supported.

Carl Eugen

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