[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg stream recording to *.mp4 freeze

Олег Губаль hubal.oleg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 17:32:06 EEST 2018

 Our team have implemented *.m3u8 stream recording into *.mp4 file. We are
using https://github.com/WritingMinds/ffmpeg-android-java library for
Android. Command for recording:

-reconnect_delay_max 4000 -i input.m3u8 -t 00:30:00 -c copy -bsf:a
aac_adtstoasc -flags +global_header -y output.mp4

The problem is FFmpeg freeze during the recording with non-stable internet
connection. Even if internet connection stabilized new data won't be
loaded. Callbacks like finish/failure doesn't calls. Is it some command for
FFmpeg to handle not stable internet connection?

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